Sunday, 5 June 2011

Panasonic 3D Camcorder - State of The Art Camera Technology

Panasonic introduced a new state of the art camera technology in 2010. It is a new 3D camcorder. This system has many interesting features. It offers full high definition and you can use a simple SDHC/SD memory card for storage.

The price of this item definitely does not come cheap. In fact, this specific product will cost you about $21,000. Even though the price of the 3D camcorder is a bit steep, the SD card is the most cost-effective storage out there. This technologically advanced camera became available last year in the fall of 2010. The Panasonic Corporation began taking orders in April of this year. This particular item was exhibited in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Main Hall at the 2010 International CES convention.

Panasonic's new 3D camcorder has everything in one lightweight body, compared to the current 3D systems that are bulky and consist of two cameras and a recorder that comes separately. This 3D camcorder is clearly a more upgraded version than the camcorder systems of the past. This equipment also has stereoscopic adjustment controls making it extremely user friendly.

The regular camera requires a PC or a video processor for adjustments. The current model has special features that have capabilities that do not need any other assistance. This camera is more flexible in movement when dealing with difficult video shooting. It makes it a very useful tool for sports, documentaries and other film making ventures. It is compact and portable which makes it a very convenient device to use.

The SDHC/SD memory card is a very effective storage device. It works better than optical discs, video tapes or other storage mechanisms. The durability of it decreases maintenance costs and it is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions. It also offers fast workflow and you can easily access random footage. You can plug this system into any Mac or PC.

Panasonic will offer this product at a much lower price compared to the traditional 3D rigs. The shipping and handling will be affordable due to reduced labor cost. The required memory card is not a problem because it is available anywhere. Panasonic also plans to offer a 3D HD LCD monitor. They will also provide professional production equipment, so you can enjoy all your home footage that you have taken from your brand new 3D camera. This is a great deal that you should not pass up. Imagine owning one and using it for your next family outing or even family vacations. You can enjoy a much more modern and convenient way of taking family videos.

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