Saturday, 23 April 2011

Apple Bottom Jeans – Just Right for Occasion of Life!

Give your curvy figure a stylish edge with the new Apple Bottom Jeans. An exciting jeans brand, apple bottom is one of the most favored brands amongst a wide number of celebrities. Launched back in 2003 by famous hip hop artist, Nelly, the brand was originally designed to emulate the stylish hip hop clothing style followed by celebrities. But with its stylish jeans patterns and designs, the brand soon became the most stylish jeans brand amongst all jeans lovers.
Apple Bottom Jeans is particularly one of the most popular brands of jeans amongst women. The brand is known for its perfect fittings showing off the toned body of women. Apart from the stylish curvy jeans for women, the brand also has a stylish clothing line for men named as Vokal clothing line. However, amongst both the brands, the Apple Bottom Jeans has gained more appreciation from its users.
The jeans collection is designed by the awesome pair of Kelly and Nelly, neither of them professional designers. However, despite of this drawback, the jeans designed by them is rated perfect by all its female fans. The jeans are extremely comfortable to wear and fit your body perfectly. The fabric used in these jeans is comparatively softer and hence gives you an additional comfort unlike the other brands.
The Apple Bottom Jeans was designed to create a chic urban appeal for all its followers. Today, you will find a wide range of designs and patterns under the brand and each designed carefully to suit the requirements of its followers. Every single jeans designed carries the company signature, an apple designed on one of its back pockets which further adds an oomph look to your curvy figure. So, buy yourself a smart new pair of stylish apple jeans from your nearest outlet and flaunt your curves. With these jeans, you no longer have to work out to fit into them, instead, the jeans itself gives you a curvy figure with its smart designs and pattern.
Buying these jeans online is equally easy as buying them from your nearest outline. You can buy them from the various online stores and get them parceled to your address. However, before you order them online, make sure you check your waist size and only then order your favorite pair of jeans online. So, enjoy a new stylish, curvy and celebrity look with the new Apple Bottom Jeans.

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