Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to Find Hidden Discounts for AT&T Wireless

AT&T offers a number of discounts to customers affiliated with thousands of employers, institutions, government agencies, and unions. Many are unaware that discounts are available in the cellular phone world, not only for phones and accessories, but also for calling programs. It's often said that to save money one should never pay full price for anything. That can apply to the wireless world as well.
Discounts will vary of course, but a 15% discount for a calling plan is in many instances typical, and when taken advantage of can easily save $100 or more a year on many existing plans. Discounts are not just available to new customers, but to existing customers as well, those who have up to now have either been unaware of their availability, or have simply not taken advantage of them.
Discounts to Union Members - AT&T is the cellular company favored by the AFL-CIO, and as such is able to provide discounts to members of the AFL-CIO and other unions as well. The usual discount for a union member is 10% off their calling plan, plus discounts are given for purchases of cell-phones and cell phone accessories.
A Plan for Seniors - Rather than offering a percent discount for seniors, AT&T offers a senior plan under their Senior Nation 200 plan. The plan is based on the assumption that most seniors need a maximum of 200 minutes a month, and a $29.99 monthly amount is tailored around that assumption. AT&T also offers cell phones designed with seniors in mind.
Federal Employees, Military, Teachers, and Students - Discounts to past and present federal employees and members of the military are mandated by the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act. The standard discount is 15% on an existing calling plan, but can in certain instances be more. Discounts of 15% are also available to teachers and students. Teachers should get a FAN# from their administrator or Human Relations officer, take it to an AT&T store or submit it online to apply for the discount. Teachers may also submit the e-mail address of their school or educational institution to verify their place of employment.
Federal employees, members of the military, and veterans need to have their employee identification number, military identification number, or discharge papers handy, and can apply for their discount online, over the phone or by visiting an AT&T store.
Students can also apply for a discount by sending the e-mail address of their school or institution to AT&T for verification of participation of the institution and the student's enrollment. The usual student discount is 15%, but can vary, depending on the calling plan in use.
Employee Discounts - The AT&T employee discount doesn't apply only to A&T employees, but to the employees of a large number of companies, big and small. Your management should be able to tell you if your company is a participant in an A&T discount program. You'll need to go online to AT&T's home page and send them your company's e-mail address so AT&T can validate that your company is a participant and you are an employee, or simply call customer service, or 611 from your wireless phone if you're already a customer.
Applying for a discount with AT&T Wireless is basically a three-step process, whether done by phone, by visiting an AT&T store, or by going online. First, contact AT&T to determine if you are eligible. AT&T will validate your eligibility, and inform you of the discounts you are eligible for.
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