Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunless Tanning Lotion - Great tanning on the Summer

I am American but nowadays I live in Thailand for study in the University about Thai social and language. I felt in love of this country when I traveled in the first time while I was only fourteen years old but now I am twenty one. I love the lifestyle of Thai people. I love to travel around the city, suburb , mountain , waterfall, temple and the best place of me is the beach.

Last year, I used all of three months in the summer on Phi Phi island at Krabi province that locate on the southern part of Thailand. I had the white skin so on this trip I intended to change my skin from white to tan color. One thing that I concern is the UV will damage my skin and I will be cancer so I brought a lot of Sunless Tanning Lotion to use while I stayed in there. I worked as the reception at the resort on the island. After working , I would like to enjoy on the beach. The light from the sun on the evening is not too hot for sunbathe.

I usually sunbathe near the resort about 2 hour per days after I have finished working. Start at 4 pm to 6 pm (not too hot and not much of UV , radious) that is enough for change my skin for white to the lovely tanning color that I really wanted to be. I used the lotion from Australian Gold before sunbathe, it help to protect the UV and radious from Sun light and also make my skin tan with the good health. After Sunbathe I enjoyed on the beach and went back to my room and take a bath. Before going to bed, I used the tanning lotion from Designer Skin that will maintain, support and clear the bad skin.

I back to my university and everyone told me that my skin is so nice. It's look tan color with the clear and healty. When I back to hometown, my friends also wonder with my skin. I am so pround and really love the tanning color.

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