Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Where to Sell Laptops Online for the Highest Payments

If your old laptop has served you well in the past one or more years it would be hard to just put it in the bin or keep it on the shelf. But what if you could get cash for it and possibly spend it on something great? The good news is that it is not even hard to sell laptops online. You just have to consider the things below to make sure you maximizing your profits.
There are plenty of ways to sell laptops online, starting with online classifieds to auction sites. But the problem with these options is that no price is guaranteed and you can not make sure you got the best deal. You can't check out the retail prices of the used laptop. That is why more and more people are opting for selling their used laptops online on specialist sites that buy and sell used laptops. The good news is that if your laptop is in a good condition, depending on the model you can still get a couple of hundred bucks out of it. If it is not working properly anymore or has damages, you still have a chance to get money out of it by selling it for part exchange.
The first thing you need to know is what is the current retail price of your laptop. It is easy to find it out on the Internet. You have to consider that those laptops advertised are usually refurbished already and might come with a guarantee you cannot offer. But to sell laptops online one has to have a guide price to ensure they will get the best price.
Next you have to get in touch with some companies buying used laptops. Compared to the situation a couple of years ago your task is going to be much easier. You do not have to go into long email conversations. All you do is enter the website and choose your laptop model and the year of purchase. You can also manually add any other specifications, and you get an offer. If you are happy with the offer then simply send your laptop in using the free courier service provided and your payment will be with you within a matter of days.

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