Thursday, 5 May 2011

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How To Supercharge Your Twitter Account With Social Oomph

If you're new to the social site Twitter in your internet marketing business, then you need to hear about Social Oomph. Social Oomph is specifically designed to supercharge the Twitter site as it provides a whole host of features that will help you generate website traffic through the Twitter network. If you're new to Twitter or have shied away from it in the past like I did for quite a while, then you should reconsider your approach with this tool.
Social Oomph was developed by Dewald Pretorious who is a Canadian IT specialist with over 30 years in the industry. He developed Tweet Later which has now evolved into Social Oomph to help people improve their Twitter experience by finding people with similar interests. Social Oomph now has over 325,000 users and is growing strong.
The nice thing about Social Oomph is that it offers a robust Free membership as well as the full feature Professional membership.
The Free Membership includes such features as:
  • Tweet Schedular.
  • Auto follow Twitter members.
  • Auto send welcome messages to new followers.
  • Tweet links.
  • RSS Feeds to your website and Facebook account.
  • Just to name a few free features.
The Professional Membership includes:
  • Find Friends using Keywords.
  • Locate high authority followers.
  • Auto Spam control.
  • Tweeter muting.
  • Bulk uploading and scheduling of tweets.
  • Use your own Twitter Bot.
The word on the street regarding Social Oomph is very positive as users report it has improved their overall Twitter experience, saved time by pre-scheduling tweets, allow laser targeting of niche prompts. Other users also like the ability to schedule tweets and save tweets for later re-tweets. The interface is easy to navigate with useful tutorials for new users to get up to speed quickly.
There are other 3rd party Twitter tools on the market including Hoots Suite, Tweet Deck, Tweet Adder and Nutshell Mail and some feedback suggests that these other services may be just as good as Social Oomph, but I couldn't find anybody saying anything negative about Social Oomph.
You can sign up for a free membership which includes a 7 day trial of the Professional membership. If after 7 days you like what you see, then the monthly membership runs at $29.97. Anyway, if you're using Twitter or considering using it as a social media and networking tool, then you should look into Social Oomph.

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