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The Samsung Galaxy S2 And The White iPhone 4 Both Offer Style And Functionality

In the current mobile phone market place there are two models that stand out from the crowd for very different reasons. The White iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the handset to own for those more concerned with styling. The desirability of this model is huge thanks mainly to Apples superb marketing and also thanks to the brilliantly simple iPhone operating system that the device runs on. On the other hand we have the Samsung Galaxy S2, a phone that has been well received by the critics thanks to its superb specification, yet the model still lacks some of the kudos that the Apple product holds. So if you are in the market for a new mobile which of these two excellent models should be turning your head?
If you are looking for an ultra slim mobile phone then there is very little to choose between these two very sleek models. On its launch the iPhone 4 was heralded as the slimmest phone available but that was several months ago and now handsets such as the Motorola Atrix and this Samsung handset have sneaked ahead in this department. The difference is literally less than a millimetre and I am sure neither model will disappoint if you held either of them in the palm of your hand. There is quite a large difference in screen size between these two models so the width and heigh measurements are obviously considerably more on the Samsung thanks to its massive 4.3 inch display compared to the 3.5 inch screen fitted on the iPhone. Looking at styling the Apple phone does not stray to far from the tried and trusted format that has seen such products become a hit with consumers. The S2 on the other hands steps away from the curves found on the original Galaxy handset and replaces them with a much more angular design which although is not as instantly attractive as the iPhone still holds great appeal.
One area which may surprise you is how the screens match up against one another. The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a display which despite being larger somehow eclipses the renowned Retina display that the White iPhone 4 features. Despite the Samsung offering a lower resolution of 480 x 800 together with a larger screen the Super AMOLED technology it uses seems to boost image quality to a level that exceeds the 960 x 640 that can be seen on the LED backlit screen that the iPhone offers. An area where Apple still reign supreme is when it comes to applications on their handsets with iTunes currently offering tens of thousands of various games and utilities. The number that the Android platform offer is steadily increasing and at some point in the future may eclipse Apple but at this moment in time the iPhone still offers a bigger and more varied selection.
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the handset to eclipse the iPhone 4, certainly in terms of specification. There is however a number of hardened Apple lovers who show tremendous brand loyalty which ensures any unit they release is massively popular. This same loyalty is not present with Samsung but if they keep producing phones of this quality that may well change very soon.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the White iPhone 4 are available now

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