Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Making Use of Renewable Energy

Most of our energy sources are from petroleum, natural gas and coal. Nuclear electric power and renewable sources are the least used for power consumption. The five renewable energy or alternative energy sources that are commonly used include water or hydropower, geothermal, solar, wind and biomass. Biomass includes wood, municipal solid waste, landfill gas, biogas, ethanol and biodiesel. Before, people rely in the use of renewable energy mostly wood. Wood is used to provide heat and light. But when fossil fuel was produced like petroleum and coal, renewable energy was set aside.

However, nowadays, since fossil fuels emit greenhouse effect which can damage our mother earth, we are again trying to find ways to make use of renewables. Since renewable energy is ecological and can be replenished, it is the best alternative energy available. Waste to Energy is an example of renewable source which is really a promising source of energy. Unlike other renewable resources, the waste to energy source does not use natural resources instead waste materials. Aside from the energy production, it significantly helps in eliminating waste materials thus helping save our environment.

If nations will focus more on developing renewable sources such as waste to energy systems, then we can eventually decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, there are studies being conducted with the use of methane as a source of energy. Rotting garbage emits methane thus it is part of biomass-type of renewable energy. If we will be able to use electricity coming from garbage, we won't just be making use of renewable energy but we can also decrease waste in the world.

Renewables also provide heat and steam for industrial purposes. These are used for transportation and heat for homes. For this purpose, ethanol is the most commonly used renewable energy. Even if in time, we will be using renewable fuels as a source of our energy consumption. Good thing the advancements in science nowadays are of great help in maximizing the use of renewables just like what the Biosphere Technology does. This technology is a waste to energy system that helps in green energy production and waste management without polluting our environment.

Biosphere technology uses gasification process wherein it employs thermal conversion of waste materials to produce green energy and other end products like pozzolana, distilled water, high alloy steel wire and carbon black. Developing renewable energy such as this significantly helps in environmental conservation. One way of helping our environment is to promote the use of renewable energy source like biosphere technology.

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