Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Superb New HTC Flyer - A Perfect Apple iPad Alternative

As one of the most prolific and fastest growing companies in the smartphone industry, it was only a matter of time before HTC joined the tablet gold rush. Many companies are after a slice of the success that Apple has enjoyed with its famous iPad. The HTC Flyer represents the Taiwanese firm's efforts in this increasingly competitive market.
The HTC Flyer runs Android software, so it reflects an ongoing debate within the smartphone market; which is better, iOS or Android? Whilst the jury is still open, and the answer is really down to personal preference, there is no doubt that Apple products remain wildly popular. So how does the HTC Flyer fair against the likes of the Apple iPad? This article will give an overview of the features of the HTC Flyer, so you can make your own mind up.
One of the first things that you will notice is that the HTC Flyer is a stylish device. It is nicely finished with a silver trim, and the front is dominated by the LCD capacitive touchscreen. A pixel resolution of 600x 1024 ensures that the content on the screen is displayed in the utmost quality and clarity. At 7 inches, the screen is smaller than that of the iPad, but many will see this as an advantage. It makes the Flyer much easier to transport, whilst retaining the advantages of having a larger screen than a smartphone. The screen is easy to use and lightning fast thanks to a 1.5GHz processor. As an added bonus, the HTC Flyer also supports the use of a stylus pen. This is sure to prove handy for all kinds of people, from creative types who can draw using the appropriate applications, or for business users who wish to use a more precise method of data entry, for example when using a spreadsheet application.
32 GB of onboard storage is available at the users' disposal. This means that anything from business documents to music tracks and apps downloaded from Android Market can be stored on the device, all available at the users' fingertips. As an added bonus, users can also utilise the built in microSD slot to double the storage by installing a card of up to 32GB. For some, this will prove a massive bonus over the iPad, which offers no expandable storage.
Android Honeycomb is the operating system of choice on the HTC Flyer. Alongside the renowned HTC Sense UI and the aforementioned processor, a great user experience is assured. Thanks to the many thousands of apps from numerous categories available on Android Market, the sky is the limit in terms of functionality and customisation. Those who choose to use the device to its full potential are sure to find it useful for countless activities on a daily basis, be they in the workplace, or simply for entertainment purposes.
All the bells and whistles you would expect from such a high-end device are present; a built in digital camera (5 megapixels) and a front facing camera for video calls and self portrait photos (1.3 megapixels), super fast internet browsing by virtue of Wi-Fi and 3G connections and several location based services such as Google Maps, and social networking integration.
With Android Market growing rapidly, the HTC Flyer offers the hardware to take advantage of numerous apps. If you prefer Android over Apple products the HTC Flyer could prove the ideal device. That said, Samsung has also released the Galaxy Tab which is also powered by Android software, and Blackberry are soon to release their own tablet, called the Playbook.
Potential consumers are certainly spoilt for choice, with many operating systems and manufacturers represented in the tablet device market. The HTC Flyer however, encapsulates everything good about Android, and is worthy of serious consideration by anyone looking to buy a tablet in the near future.

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